Rotary Power Harrow

With their strong, powerful and reliable structure, easy-to-use operation and wide model range that is able to meet any kind of needs, Minos Power Harrows are the most successful PROFESSIONAL MACHINE among the machines that cultivate the land and prepare the seed-bed in respect of their help to both the soil and the plant. As their blades which can process the soil vertically  as deep as 28 cm cultivate the land without making it upside down, the soil moisture is preserved and the formation of footstones. Thanks to its roller at the back of the machine, it applies pressure on the soil and ensures that the soil is damp and heated. It provides the most ideal granular structure in the soil in terms of water and air permeability. It prepares the conditions of optimum seed-bed for germination and development and provides an increase in the plant yield and its economic value after a successful farm output. With different width options reaching up to 4 metres, it makes it easy to work with higher productivity. Another equipment can be attached to the power-take-off shaft at the back of the special transmission with optional Hydraulic attachment; this way more than one work is performed at one time and thus saving of time and fuel are realized and the farm traffic is decreased. Thanks to the shaft with safety system used in the machine, any failure that could occur in the tractor or in the machine in the event that the machine stumbles on stones or roots.All the machines are equipped with heavy rolls. The tube roller models are also available. Hydraulic attachment is optional.