Vertical Mixer Feeder

MINOS Vertical Mixer-Feeders; are designed to bring various animal feed into a homogenous mixture and to distribute this mixture to the animals with its robust, strong and reliable structure and easy use. All options of vertical feed mixers of appropriate capacity for all kinds of small, medium and large scaled enterprises are available with quality and privilege of Minos.
Vertically operating auger system ensures grinding and cutting of round and square bales thanks to the custom alloyed and custom designed knives on it and mixing then homogenously with other rough and thick feed. Thanks to special design of auger and the body, there are no blind points on the machine and therefore no feed remains in the bucket after discharge. This special design required much lower power with the durable transmission box system used. Thanks to electronic digital scale system available optionally, the feed loaded in the machine may be weighed with high sensitivity and rations are prepared correctly.